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 All of our seeds are
(not genetically modified
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"My microgreen seed order came very promptly and everything was perfect. They are growing wonderfully, even better than expected! I am already getting ready to put in my next order. Thanks so much."


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Hydroponic Microgreens Starter KitThe perfect way to get started growing microgreens indoors or outside! Countertop gardening at its best. Soilless approach for no mess. Complete kit includes: trays, growing pads, seeds, instructions & more. Healthy, delicious and fun.
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MicroGlow 12 Watt LED Grow LightGrowing microgreens with The MicroGlow bulb uses the latest in LED grow light technology to provide your plants with the perfect blend of light for fast & vigorous growth. Covers over 7 Sq. Ft. supplemental and 2 Sq. Ft as primary light.
MicroGlow 14 Watt LED Grow LightMicroGlow LED panels are perfect for growing microgreens, they are also used by home hobbyists, urban gardeners, nurseries, university biology departments, dispensaries and commercial growers. 14w panels work for a few trays at a time.
MicroGlow 45 Watt LED Grow LightThe best grow light for multiple trays of microgreens. In addition to microgreens you can use MicroGlow LED grow lights to grow all kinds of other plants and perking up any houseplant. Enough light to green up 3-4 trays at once.

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