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Hydroponic Microgreens Starter KitThe perfect way to get started growing microgreens indoors or outside! Countertop gardening at its best. Soilless approach for no mess. Complete kit includes: trays, growing pads, seeds, instructions & more. Healthy, delicious and fun.

Microgreens Growing Supplies

We offer a full selection of supplies and refills to grow microgreens in your own home.  Supplies include growing trays and hydroponic pads, soil, pH balancing supplies and more. 

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8 Quart Bag of Organic Soil for Microgreens - 5 PackReplenishment soil for growing soil based microgreens. Five 8 quart bags is enough for about 25 trays (20"x10"). OMRI certified, forest based, completely free of animal products. Compostable after each use. 
Extra Spray Misting BottleHalf quart volume replacement spray bottle to gently mist your microgreens. All white, BPA free plastic. Standard spray bottle with multiple uses from cleaning to hair care.
Ferry-Morse 971 Reusable Plastic Microgreen Labels 25-PackDurable plastic microgreen labels with marker. Re-usable, double sided plant labels. Perfect for growing microgreens, seedlings, vegetable gardening, and any other plants. 
FloraGro Hydroponic Microgreens Nutrients - 1 QtFloraGro is a great all purpose nutrient solution for use in growing microgreens hydroponically. 1 Qt. Can also be used to micros grown in soil. pH neutral. Use for stronger, faster growing, healthier crops. By General Hydroponics.
Four Tray (2 Shelves) Wide Microgreens Growing StandThis unit will hold a total of 4 trays of microgreens and has four flourescent grow lights. It is 2-tiers high and 2 rows wide. It comes also with four drip trays. A perfect station for growing microgreens regularly.  (Please allow 5-15 days to ship)
Four Tray Tall (4 Shelves) Microgreens Growing RackPlant Growing Stand. This unit will also hold 4 microgreens trays but is 4-tiered high so each tray goes on a row by itself. It also has wheels! It comes with four light and four water capturing trays. Available in Brown or Aluminum. (Please allow 5-15 days to ship)
Hydroponic Sure to Grow Pad (10 pack)Sure to Grow pads by General Hydroponics are the ideal hydroponic growing medium for microgreens. Fits 21 inch X 11 inch trays. Pack of 10. Disposable. Instructions included in package.
Jiffy Heat MatJiffy heat mat for growing microgreens in colder situations. Recommended only as remediation for colder growing environments. 15 Watts - 18.37" x 8.5" - Ideal for 20"x10" growing trays - 110 V.
Micro-Mats Hydroponic Grow PadsMicro-Mat hydroponic growing pads are made to fit in traditional 20 x 10 inch trays, and provide an excellent growth medium for soil free indoor gardening.  Compostable, these pads easily grow microgreens, grasses, & more.  Approved for use in Organic Systems.
Microgreens Growing Trays 21"x11" Without HolesGrowing trays without drain holes. Choose 5 or 10 Pack. They are sturdy, black and reusable growing trays perfect for growing microgreens hydroponically and in soil. Measures 21" X 11" at rim - 20"x10" at base. Multipurpose.
Microgreens pH Control Kit by General HydroponicsProfessional grade pH adjustment kit includes pH measurement drops and acid (pH Down) and base (pH Up) solutions to precisely raise and lower the pH of your water. By General Hydroponics. Ideal for adjusting pH for microgreens.
Microgreens Tower - Miniature Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse - 4 Tier Growing Rack4 Tiered Growing Stand with greenhouse cover. Great for starting and your microgreens indoors or outdoors. Holds eight trays of microgreens. Does not have lights or drain trays. Perfect indoors or outdoors. Light and easy to assemble.
One Tray Microgreens Growing StandSturdy 1 tray microgreens growing stand. This will fit one tray of microgreens, has a built in growing light and a water catching tray. Available in Aluminum and Brown. Perfect for keeping one tray going at all times. (Please allow 5-15 days to ship!)
pH Down - 1 Quart by General HydroponicsPerfect professional hydroponic mild acid solution for lowering the pH of water for your microgreens. 1 Quart Bottle. Instructions for use included on label. Made by General Hydroponics. See also pH Up. 
pH Test Indicator DropspH test drops by General Hydroponics. Complete pH testing Kit. Simple and inexpensive method to roughly measure the pH of your water. More accurate than pH test strips. Good for hundreds of uses. 
pH Test Strips100 Litmus Strips & color comparison chart. Simple and inexpensive method to roughly measure the pH of your water. Includes instructions on adjusting pH with household ingredients. Most inexpensive way to test pH.
pH UP - 1 Quart by General HydroponicspH Up by General Hydroponics. 1 Quart Bottle. Perfect professional hydroponic mild base solution for raising the pH of water for your microgreens. Great for all gardening applications. See also pH Down. 
Salad Spinner by ProgressiveThe 4 quart salad spinner by Progressive is the perfect way to quickly and easily dry your microgreens after rinsing. Durable, intelligent design. 10" Diameter by 6.25" High. Easy to use and clean. Dishwasher Safe. 
Two Tray Microgreens Growing StandTwo tray microgreens growing stand. This unit will hold two trays of microgreens. It has two grow lights and two water collection trays. Available in Aluminum and Brown. Great for use indoors or outdoors. Durable.  (Please allow 5-15 days to ship)

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