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    The best grow light for multiple trays of microgreens. In addition to microgreens you can use MicroGlow LED grow lights to grow all kinds of other plants and perking up any houseplant. Enough light to green up 3-4 trays at once.


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    LED 50w Dual Band Grow Panel - Microgreen Growing Lights

    50w LED grow light from Handy Pantry. These are full cycle grow light and showers your plants in light suitable for all stages of growth. Covering 5 square feet as primary lighting when hung no more then 36 inches from the plants, this grow light can be used as a stand alone plant light or it can be used with other plant lighting systems. Use to grow fruits, vegetables, greens, flowers, herbal medicines and more.

    The panel is a plug and play grow light - it works right out of the box. There are no ballasts or reflectors needed. Hanging kit included.

    Technical LED Specifications:

    • Wattage Power - 50w
    • LEDs - 110 pcs
    • LED Color Ratio, Red to Blue: 9:5
    • Socket - 110 Voltage - US Standard
    • Beam Angle - 180 Degree
    • Dimensions - 12.20" x 12.20" x 1.36"
    • Working Temp - 68 F. ~ 104 F.
    • Working Time - 10-14 Hours / Day
    • Net Weight - Approx. 2 LBs
    • Warranty - 1 year

    LED Grow Light Benefits:

    • Use to grow up to 3-4 flats of microgreens at a time
    • Up to 80% energy savings vs. Metal Halide & HPS grow lights
    • Suitable for all stages of growth. Seed to Flower to Fruit
    • Discreet - virtually no heat emitted
    • 50,000+ hour lifecycle
    • Green Product - No Harmful substances- Environmentally friendly)
    • Proven results (view the image galleries throughout the site)
    Q: Why are LED Grow Lights the best choice for Microgreens?
    A: LED grow lights are the best choice for not only microgreens, but any type of plant for several reasons: They emit no heat, and consume a much less electricity than traditional grow lights. Most grow lights like T-5 and fluorescent lights emit white light which is much less efficient for growing plants. Plants reflect light in the yellow and green part of the spectrum and want to absorb the red and blue ends of the spectrum. LED lights are tuned to emit exactly the portions of the light spectrum that plants want. Our LED lights are suitable for all stages of a plant's growth. We have never found any light source (even sunlight) which gets our micros healthier and greener than LEDs.