While any light source will do fine for growing microgreens, we find that we get the biggest, healthiest, and greenest microgreens when we grow with these low wattage, no heat LED grow lights.

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14 watt growing light
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24 Watt Led Grow Panel - Microgreens Growing LightDual Spectrum (Red & Blue) The LED grow light consumes up to 80% less energy than HPS & Metal Halide grow lights and emits virtually no heat. The panel covers 2.5 sq. ft used as a primary and up to 4.5 sq. ft. when used as secondary supplemental lighting. GlowPanels work great for seedlings & clones or to provide additional light to you garden. A favorite among wheatgrass & microgreen growers. The panel is a plug and play grow light - it works...

LED Grow Light 36 Watt Screw-in Bulb
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36 Watt LED Grow Light - Screw in BulbThis 36 watt dual band (red / blue) plant growth light bulb fits standard light bulb sockets. Using the spectrum plants love, it will grow up to 1 to 2 trays of wheatgrass at a time. It will allow you to grow small vegetables indoors. The low electricity use rivals that of other brands. This bulb emits little to no heat, so placing the light close to the plants will not damage them.Technical Specifications:Power Supply: 100-240VFrequency: 50-60HzLED Qty:...

Micro Glow 50 Watt LED Grow Light
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LED 50w Dual Band Grow Panel - Microgreen Growing Lights 50w LED grow light from Handy Pantry. These are full cycle grow light and showers your plants in light suitable for all stages of growth. Covering 5 square feet as primary lighting when hung no more then 36 inches from the plants, this grow light can be used as a stand alone plant light or it can be used with other plant lighting systems. Use to grow fruits, vegetables, greens, flowers, herbal medicines and more. The panel is a plug and...