We offer a full selection of supplies and refills to grow microgreens in your own home. Supplies include growing trays and hydroponic pads, soil, pH balancing supplies, and more.

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10x20 Humidity Domes
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Durable Clear Plastic Humidity Domes These 20" X 10" clear plastic domes fit perfectly with the black 10"x 20" trays we offer (both with and without drain holes). These domes may not be a perfect fit with similar trays sourced elsewhere. Fits the trays in all our microgreens growing kits 20" X 10" Approx: See below for exact dimensions Clear plastic Re-usable & sturdy Great for seed starts, microgreens, herbs & more Base of Dome - Exact Dimensions: Length: 20.5 In. (522 mm) Width: 10 1/8th In....

Growing Trays - No Holes
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Durable Black Plastic Microgreens Growing Trays (No Drain Holes)These 20" X 10" trays do not have drain holes and are for use in growing microgreens both hydroponically and in soil.  Our preferred method of growing microgreens calls for trays with no drain holes.  They are durable and re-usable indefinately. Sames as the trays in all our microgreens growing kits20" X 10" Approx:  See below for exact dimensions:For use with Sure To Grow Pads or Micro-MatsNo Drain...

Plant Propagation Trays WITH Drain Slits - Top & Bottom View
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20" by 10" Microgreen Growing Trays with Drain Holes Quantities Available: 5, 10, 50 or 100. Durable BPA-free PlasticWash and Re-useMultiple Drain Holes Per TrayDimensions: top (mouth) of tray - 20.5"x 10 1/8th" - (522 mm x 255 mm)Dimensions: bottom (base) of tray - 19 7/8th" x 9 3/8th" - (504 mm x 238 mm)Dimensions: depth: 2 3/8th" (60 mm)Great for Growing in SoilHelps Regulate Water Saturation of Growth MediumOur 20 by 10 growing trays are our most popular tray for growing microgreens...

5 Small Growing Trays
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Durable Black 10" X 10" Plant Germination Trays with Drain Holes 10" by 10" by 2" deepWith drain holesUse with a 20"x10" drip traySturdy plastic - ReusableGreat for seedlings, wheatgrass, microgreens, growing herbs, plants, & moreUse indoors or outdoorsThis tray has drain holes can be nested inside a small tray with no drain holes as as a drip tray, or two can be nested in a10"x20" tray with no drain holes. Great for growing microgreens, wheatgrass or regular seed starting for your...

10x10 Drip Trays - No Drain Holes
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Durable Black Small Growing Trays With No Drain Holes No drain holes Sturdy Plastic Reusable 10 inches long X 10 inches wide 2 inches deep Perfect as a drip tray for four 5"x5" garden tray inserts Great for Growing wheatgrass, plants, seedlings, microgreens & more Indoor / Outdoor Use Use as a grow tray for soil or hydroponic growing This tray has no holes and works best as a drip tray for other trays with drain holes. Ideal for growing microgreens and micro herbs. Use as drip tray with...

Green Perma-Nest Trays
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Heavy-Duty Growing Trays With No Drain Holes Perma-Nest TraysAvailable in 3 Colors: Tan, White, GreenNo drain holes Thick, sturdy polystyrene Reusable - Will last a lifetime Top of Tray: 21.5 inches long X 10.5 inches wide with 3/8th inch border around edgeBottom of Tray: 20.25 inches long x 9.5 inches wide 2 inches deep Perfect for use as a drip tray Great for Growing wheatgrass, plants, seedlings, microgreens & more Indoor / Outdoor Use All purpose greenhouse tray: microgreens, garden...

Microgreens Tower - Miniature Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse
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Microgreens Tower - Indoor or Outdoor Growing Stand Your microgreens grow rack or greenhouse! Ideal for inside or outside your home. Their small size allow them to be placed on decks, patios, or indoors next to a window. Each Greenhouse comes with a UV protected, clear, vinyl cover which holds in humidity reducing watering needs. Easy access and ventilation is provided by the zippered door panel in the covering. Racks also include a powder coated steel frame and multiple shelves which are...

5 x 5 Inch Growing Tray Inserts with Drain Holes
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5" X 5" Plastic Tray Gardening Inserts with Drain Holes 5 inches by 5 inches 2 inches deep With drain holes Sturdy plastic Perfect for Microgreens Great for hydroponics or soil micros Can be re-used Use Indoor or Outdoor Designed to nest inside 10"x10" or 10"x20" drip trays (with no holes) Perfect with 4"x 4" Micro-Mats hydroponic grow mats Made from 1/2 mm sturdy black plastic, these inserts are perfect for growing microgreens. They are designed to nest inside larger trays with no hole...

Biostrate Hydroponic Growing Medium
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Biostrate Felt Hydroponic Grow PadsAvailable in two configurations: Pre-cut for 10"x20" Standard Trays120 foot rolls - 9" wide - For hydroponic grow systems (enough for 72 10x20 trays)Features: Holds the optimal amount of waterPerfect medium for rootspH balancedBiodegradableNo required additional treatmentClean and easy to useLight materialBioStrate Felt maintains its value because it consistently provides an ideal environment for adolescent roots. It has been certified internationally for...

Spray Bottle
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Extra Spray Bottle Spray bottle, used for misting germinating microgreens seeds grown both hydroponically and in soil.

FloraGrow - General Hydroponics
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FloraGro Hydroponic Nutrients for Microgreens by General Hydroponics - 1 QuartWe have found that adding 3 tsp of FloraGro to each gallon of water results in stronger, faster growing and healthier crop of microgreens that feature larger leaves than they otherwise would. It is pH neutral, so don't worry about adding to water you have already pH balanced.FloraGro NPK - 2-1-6 Instructions on label Perfect for Microgreens ...

Four Tray 2 Shelf Microgreens Growing Stand
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The Perfect Fit for four trays of microgreens! Please note: This product may take between 5 and 15 days to ship! The highest quality shelving unit we have found, but requires a longer time to ship! Two Shelf Four tan 22" x 11" drain trays 2 -48 inch, 40 watt Two Lamp fixtures With four 40 Watt Wide Spectrum Lamps included Available in Aluminum only. 40"H x 52"W x 12"D ...