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    Dun Pea Microgreen Seeds. One of our all time favorites with slightly sweet, substantial crunchy shoots. It should be grown only in soil and prefers a dryer soil with less frequent drench watering. Choose Quantity.


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    Dun Pea Microgreens

    Dun Pea Seeds: pisum sativum
    Microgreens Seed Quantity: 12 Oz. (pre-measured bag plants 1 tray)
    Seed Presoak: 12 to 24 hours (cold water)
    Growing Medium: soil
    Preferred Medium: soil only
    Germination Rate: high
    Germination Time: 2 to 3 days
    Microgreens Harvest time: 8 to 12 days
    Microgreens Ideal Harvest: 10 days
    Baby Salad / Adult Stage Harvest: not recommended
    Micro Greens Color: green
    Micro Greens Flavor: crunchy, mildly sweet, fresh
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    Notes & Growing Tips:

    Dun pea microgreens are very easy to grow but only in soil. Growing pea greens is very difficult hydroponically. This 12 Oz. bag of Dun Pea microgreen seeds is premeasured for planting in our 21" x 11" tray. Soak seeds in cold water for half a day to a day. Make sure you use plenty of water and a large bowl, as dun pea seeds soak up large amounts of water. You can plant directly, but we prefer to transfer to a colander. Rinse 2 to 4 times a day in the colander for another day or two until the seedlings begin to peek out. Tamp the soil gently to flatten. Spread evenly (they should be quite thick) and tamp very gently to insure contact with the soil. Mist thoroughly twice a day. Keep covered with the blackout / humidity dome for 3 to 4 more days before exposing light. Water once a day so the soil is damp but not soggy.


    You'll be surprised at just how these little greens explode with pea flavor. The three inch-long plants have the light sweetness and the freshness of a fresh pea just harvested.

    Dun Pea micro greens are one our all time favorite microgreens! The pea shoots are sweet and delicious and fairly straight and leafy. They make a great garnish or addition to any salad.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    I grew these and they grew wonderfully. I harvested them at 10 days and they lasted 4 weeks in the fridge! Amazing!


    Great Fresh Pea taste

    I tried these in dirt as well as hydro in dark to produce yellow leaves. Awesome fresh pea flavor. My granddaughter and mother ate a whole half pound!