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    Parsley microgreens are excellent to flavor most any dish. Great as a garnish, or other application where a parsley flavor would contribute.  Micro parsley is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Longer germination and growing rate. Does best in soil.

    Parsley Microgreen Seed - 4 Oz Parsley Microgreen Seed - 1 Lb Parsley Microgreen Seed - 5 Lb Parsley Microgreen Seed - 25 Lb

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    Parsley Microgreens Seeds - Micro Herbs

    Parsley Seeds:  Petroselinum crispum
    Seeding: Approx 1 Oz of Seed for a 10x20 Tray
    Seed Presoak: No
    Growing Medium: hydroponic, soil
    Preferred Medium: soil
    Germination Rate:  high
    Germination Time: 6-7 days
    Microgreens Harvest time: 14+ days
    Microgreens Ideal Harvest: 14+ days
    Baby Salad / Adult Stage Harvest: not recommended
    Micro Greens Color: green
    Micro Greens Flavor: mild parsley
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    • Microgreens & baby salad greens
    • Garnishes & sandwiches
    • Sprouting
    • Survival Food Storage
    • Gardening
    • Cooking & seasoning
    • More

    Notes & Growing Tips: Parsley is a common herb used to garnish and season many dishes across the world.  This seed takes longer to germinate, and does much better in soil than hydroponics. Micro Parsley is among the easiest of the micro herbs to grow. Strongly recommend soil as a grow medium.

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