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    A colorful assortment of microgreens seeds. Add some colorful highlight to your microgreens salads and garnishes. This collection is a bit more expensive but it's worth it! Includes: Purple Basil, Red Amaranth & More.


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    Colorful Microgreens Seed Assortment - Eight Bags of Colorful Micro Greens Seeds

    Experiment with an assortment of the most colorful microgreens. Each Colorful Seed Assortment Includes:

    • Amaranth, Red Garnet - 4 Oz.
    • Cabbage, Red Acre - 4 Oz.
    • Basil, Purple - 4 Oz.
    • Radish, Sango - 4 Oz.
    • Mustard, Red Giant - 4 Oz.
    • Endive Broadleaf - 4 Oz.
    • Kohlrabi, Purple Vienna - 4 Oz.
    • Kale, Blue Curly - 4 Oz.

    Each 4 Oz. resealable bag is enough microgreens seeds to grow 3 or 4 large trays of microgreens.

    Note: some seed substitutions may apply based on seasonal availability

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