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    Replenishment soil for growing soil based microgreens. Five 8 quart bags is enough for about 25 trays (20"x10"). OMRI certified, completely free of animal products. Compostable after each use.


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    Omri Certified Soil for Organic Growing

    Sunshine® #2 Natural & Organic

    • OMRI Certified for Organic Production
    • OMRI Certification: sgh-9358
    • Free of animal products and by products

    The soil based microgreens kit comes with 2 bags of this soil.  We recommend looking for potting soil locally at any nursery or garden supply store, due to the high cost of shipping, but we offer it here if you prefer ordering online. 

    Our soil mix is an organic blend of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite and dolomitic limestone. It promotes lush foliage and healthier plants; producing higher yields and more vibrant colors. It's organic and ready-to-use. It helps promote strong root structure, lush leaf development, and more numbers of flowers per plant. It retains moisture for fewer waterings, which helps when vacation time comes around.

    Sunshine #2 Natural & Organic is highly recommended for cutting propagation, bedding and vegetable plants, hanging baskets, pot crops and seed germination.

    8 quarts (.3 cubic feet) per bag - fills about 3 20" x 10" trays or 6 planting pots.