"I am including a pic...it is of 4 trays of your "basic micro mix" that are on day 8! I followed your websites instructions to a T, and I also think they love my "greenhouse" window in my kitchen. I had a sunflower tray also, but they came in a little early so they have already been harvested.

I must also brag on your prices. I am very thrifty and am on a very tight budget, so I always look for a better price. I have looked in seed catalogs, ebay and even my local garden supply stores that have seed in bulk. Their prices do not come close! Besides, even if they were cheaper, how do I know how long these seeds have been sitting out in these bins. Not to mention, unopen bins that expose the seeds to who knows what! It's not just the prices--my order came when you said it would, and your website is very helpful to me since I am new to growing micros.

My Microgreens seed order came very promptly and everything was perfect. They are growing wonderfully, even better than expected! I am already getting ready to put in my next order. Thanks so much."

I will be ordering again in a couple of weeks. I am going to try a few different mixes. I will definitely be a full-time customer and would highly recommend you to anyone.

- F. McKee

"Thanks for the information and for the quick service. I will definitely keep you in mind for all my future orders. Great service is hard to find today and especially when it is also friendly. Thanks for keeping customer service at the top of your list, I appreciate it."

L. D. Brown

Here are some pictures of my microgreens. I have done many of them now without doing the pH test and without the mat. I have done broccoli and radish individually and separate. I just bought a second set of the green "Sprout Garden" sprouter to give me more chances for testing various things. I start giving them a partial "haircut" when they are 5 inches tall and let the rest of them grow until I am done harvesting them daily (as I need some). I do not disturb the roots at all. When I leave them in the tray and water them twice a day and allow them to continue their growth, they are always fresh and they get even taller. I never refrigerate them. I have done them in all temperatures. At first I took them out and stored them in the fridge, but with this new system, I am in awe every time over their freshness every time I give them a little "haircut". It's like going out into the garden and cutting just what you need. I use the microgreens and the sprouts for everything. I was forced to come up with a solution, because your microgreen grower guy made such great little movies that I just had to do something, so I can do it in my little space in my retirement condo. I don't have room for the large trays, so I solved it for myself. And, there is virtually no time investment necessary. When I travel to my kids and grandkids, I take them with me in the car - and I always have ready batches for them to harvest. They love it. Please pass this info on if you want; there must be others like me who don't have the space. I am so thankful for your willingness to interact and to have your "product question" line available. THANK YOU.

- S. Schmalhofer

"Just wanted you to know that we are sowing our third batch tonight and are thoroughly enjoying our new hobby. Shipping was fast and everything is as easy as you demonstrate online. The soil-less hydroponics is so easy, clean and our greens are fabulous. Hearty, healthy and we are so happy. Many friends are ordering too!"

- Mrs. Mayberry

"I was delighted with the quality of the package "Microgreens Growing Kit" I got from you by FedEx the day after I placed the order. Everything in it is carefully done to a "no cheapness" standard. The plastic trays are more durable than the ones I have leftover from my garden store purchases. The whole box felt like opening a nice present. The seed packets are full and pretty. The laminated instruction sheet is complete, detailed, well-written, and easy to refer to. Great quality ALL around. Thank you."

- Kathy H.

"Hello. I just wanted you guys to know that I love growing microgreens. During the summer, I discovered my green thumb with a small vegetable garden in my back yard, and just plain love growing things I can eat. But when cold weather rolled in, I was left with only my non-edible indoor plants which already dominate my one window that gets decent light. I was considering getting an expensive plant light so I could grow at least salad greens indoors. Then I received one of your Microgreens Basic Growing Kits for Christmas this year and was immediately hooked. Not only do they take up very little space in my window, but they are simple, very clean, and ready-to-eat in 10 days! And they're so different from typical salads... so crunchy! My favorite way to eat them is on top of burgers and sandwiches. I look forward to trying the sunflower microgreens you guys rave about!

Thank you for providing me with such a fun, satisfying gardening hobby. "

- Nicole

Check out this cool how to grow microgreens by one of our customers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KnF6J1cd60

"Thanks for the quick response and information! It is refreshing nowadays to have someone actually do their best at their job and get back to someone--you'd be surprised how many companies I email questions and I get a response in a week, a month or never... so again, thank you, it is a refreshing surprise!

Awesome, as we're looking to get into growing micro greens for some local restaurants and both of us business partners are not fans of GE or GMO food products.

Looking forward to doing more business with your company in the future!"

Cheers, Jane!

- Kyle M.

Good morning! 

I just wanted to write to say how wonderful I have found your company to be. Your products and services have been excellent (I am particularly fond of the Detroit Beets) and I look forward to continually growing microgreens year round! I have attached two pics of some recent meals I have made using your MGs. Thanks again!

-Short Rib Tacos w/ Horseradish Creme, Blue Kale & Detroit Beets 
-Butter Roasted Tomato Sauce over Bucatini with Genovese Basil

- John O.
Culinary Operations Manager, Midwest Culinary Institute

Just wanted to say thanks for the great information and seeds. Today was the second year I planted microgreens with the first graders at our school. Last year the kids ate them up like candy at harvest time. I am hoping we will have the same response in 11 days.

The best part was when the second graders saw what I was doing in the first grade class rooms. They begged their teacher to get some microgreens for them as well.

Cathy L.